3D 4 Leaf Clover Friendship Bracelet
3D 4 Leaf Clover Friendship Bracelet
3D 4 Leaf Clover Friendship Bracelet
3D 4 Leaf Clover Friendship Bracelet
3D 4 Leaf Clover Friendship Bracelet
3D 4 Leaf Clover Friendship Bracelet

3D 4 Leaf Clover Friendship Bracelet


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3D 4 leaf clover friendship bracelet

"The World's Most Popular Lucky Charm"

A 4-leaf clover for luck!

These 3D friendship bracelets will delight the most fervent fans of this most popular lucky charm in the world and will be well served!


Why the 4-leaf Clover is the most popular lucky charm in the world

Also available as stud earrings



These are 2 3D bracelets, the first including the outline of the clover and the 2nd including the full shape of the clover, these 2 shapes fit together.

DIMENSION adjustable for 3 wrist sizes 15.5 cm - 21 cm 

To all those to whom I wish happiness!


How to know the size of your bracelet?

You can measure it using a tape measure or string, taking care to slide your finger between the wrist and the accessory used. The length measured with the string can be measured with a ruler. this will give you the circumference of your wrist.

It is advisable to ensure that the size of the bracelet when it is finished corresponds to the circumference of the wrist added by 2 cm (two fingers). It's advice, but everyone has their preference on how their bracelet fits: looser or tighter. It is only necessary to take into account the fact that a bracelet that is too loose is easily lost and is more exposed to friction. On the other hand, a bracelet that is too tight is a great hindrance, not to mention the risk of breakage.

Example: If my wrist measures 16.5 cm in circumference. We suggest to add 2 cm (2 fingers) to it to select the closest dimension by referring to the table, so in this case I would choose 18.5 cm which I can adjust easily.



Combine originality, comfort and elegance with these ultralight earrings.

  • Ultra-lightweight nylon 12 earrings for optimal comfort of fragile lobes and sensitive ears
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel rod for hypoallergenic jewelry
  • Jewelry can go in water. Waterproof.
  • Made in Beloeil-Quebec, Canada, hand-dyed in an artisanal way with several colors available
  • Each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the photo
  • Manufacturing by 3D printing SLS technology for eco-responsible products
  • Eco-responsible process and material, because 100% of losses during manufacturing are recycled
  • Flexible and resistant material that recovers its shape.
  • The color will be altered with the contact of Mauve Shampoo, which is used for hair dyeing therefore acts on the porosity of the material. Wait 2 washes with regular shampoo before wearing this jewelry.


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