Guava small white baroque pearls
Guava small white baroque pearls
Guava small white baroque pearls
Guava small white baroque pearls
Guava small white baroque pearls
Guava small white baroque pearls
Guava small white baroque pearls

Guava small white baroque pearls


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Guava small white baroque pearls

For the romantic woman with a spirit of adventure


Guava model: Refined ✨ and bold ❤️

Do you like the natural and soft look of baroque pearls?

You will love this new feature.
For romantic women with a spirit of adventure!
We suggest the GUAVA.

The design of the GUAVA creole draws its lines from the irregularities of the baroque pearl. In addition, the texture of 3D Nylon completes with grace and velvet this distinctive look of the GUAVA model.

Held by a 925 silver and rhodium-plated bail, this sublime baroque pearl shines and displays a certain eccentricity.

Note : Due to their nature, the size and color of freshwater pearls may vary slightly.

Note : Pearls can be removed from the loops to be worn without them.

♦ Hand-dyed 3D nylon material (multiple colors available)

♦ Creole shape: Wave type 30 mm

♦ Surgical steel stems reducing the risk of allergies.

Baroque pearls:

Small white baroque type pearls 5 mm

3D jewelry for the avant-garde, exclusive Quebec Design creations from Vox & Oz, a mother and daughter family business!

Discover the great comfort of the 3D earring! Ultralight nylon, no sagging lobes! hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive ears! Flexibility allows it to maintain its shape and resist reasonable maneuvers, an aesthetic discreet and of impeccable quality. The matte texture of 3D nylon is shimmering. The colors are obtained by a handmade dye process, the color resists time, heat and salt water!

VOX & OZ 3D earrings are unique and durable, timeless pieces, a plus for your jewelry box. They will give a casual and stylish look.

Combine originality, comfort and elegance with these ultralight earrings.

  • Ultra-lightweight nylon 12 earrings for optimal comfort of fragile lobes and sensitive ears
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel rod for hypoallergenic jewelry
  • Jewelry can go in water. Waterproof.
  • Made in Beloeil-Quebec, Canada, hand-dyed in an artisanal way with several colors available
  • Each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the photo
  • Manufacturing by 3D printing SLS technology for eco-responsible products
  • Eco-responsible process and material, because 100% of losses during manufacturing are recycled
  • Flexible and resistant material that recovers its shape.
  • The color will be altered with the contact of Mauve Shampoo, which is used for hair dyeing therefore acts on the porosity of the material. Wait 2 washes with regular shampoo before wearing this jewelry.

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