Le bracelet Lagertha rouge. Impression 3D- vue  arrière.
Bracelet 3D Lagertha
Le bracelet Lagertha couleur noir de Vox & Oz. Ce bracelet au design multi-rangs par espaces réguliers. fond blanc.
Bracelet 3D Lagertha
Le bracelet Lagertha couleur ivoire blanc os. Fond blanc, lumière d&
Le bracelet Lagertha couleur BLEU  Vox & Oz. Ce bracelet au design multi-rangs par espaces réguliers. Bracelet manchette porté au poignet. SUR FOND BLANC.
Le bracelet Lagertha couleur marine de Vox & Oz. Ce bracelet au design multi-rangs par espaces réguliers.. Saison été.
Bracelet 3D Lagertha
Bracelet 3D Lagertha
Bracelet 3D Lagertha
Bracelet 3D Lagertha
Bracelet 3D Lagertha
Bracelet 3D Lagertha
Bracelet 3D Lagertha

Bracelet 3D Lagertha


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3D Lagertha Bracelet

LAGERTHA bracelet: From a sketch to a breathtaking 3D printed version


The LAGERTHA bracelet is a remarkable example of the application of 3D printing technology in the field of jewelry creation. With its complex design and precise production, it highlights the incredible possibilities offered by 3D printing.

Made from recycled materials, this bracelet presents an eco-responsible alternative without compromising on aesthetics. Its versatility extends to a wide range of colors, allowing individuals to personalize their room with a shade that matches their style.

Designed with comfort in mind, the LAGERTHA bracelet offers flexibility and lightness, ensuring a pleasant experience throughout the day. Its ergonomic design adapts effortlessly to the wrist, making it a perfect accessory for everyday use.

But above all, the main appeal of the LAGERTHA bracelet lies in its exceptional aesthetics. Its original and distinctive design will captivate jewelry lovers looking for unique pieces. The seamless integration of 3D printing technology, recycled materials and creative talent makes it a true wearable work of art.

Discover the LAGERTHA bracelet, testifying to the fusion between technology and imagination, where innovation meets environmental awareness. Immerse yourself in the union of technological advancements and artistic vision, resulting in a truly captivating piece of jewelry."


Dimension: One size of the LAGERTHA Bracelet

XX wide 7.375 in. 185mm

--------------------------------------------- ----- ----------------------------------------

How to measure your wrist?

It’s all about the wrist
While it's best to opt for well-fitting cuffs and bangles, choose slightly longer links and chains to give them more movement.
  1. Take a measuring tape, a length of string or a strip of paper.
  2. Wrap the ribbon/string/band around the wrist you plan to wear the bracelet on. Make a mark where the ends meet. Are you thinking of accumulating bracelets? Take your measurements at the location on your arm where you will wear each bracelet.
  3. Lay the string or paper on a flat surface and use a ruler to measure the length to the marked mark.

BRACELET SIZE CHART / wrist dimensions

X small 4.76–5.25 in. 121–133mm

Small 5.26–5.75 in. 134–146mm

Medium 5.76–6.25 in. 146–159mm

Wide 6.26–6.75 in. 159–171mm

X wide 6.76–7.25 in. 172–184mm

XX wide 7.26–7.75 in. 184–197mm

XXX wide 7.76–8.25 in. 197–210mm

Combine originality, comfort and elegance with these ultralight earrings.

  • Ultra-lightweight nylon 12 earrings for optimal comfort of fragile lobes and sensitive ears
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel rod for hypoallergenic jewelry
  • Jewelry can go in water. Waterproof.
  • Made in Beloeil-Quebec, Canada, hand-dyed in an artisanal way with several colors available
  • Each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the photo
  • Manufacturing by 3D printing SLS technology for eco-responsible products
  • Eco-responsible process and material, because 100% of losses during manufacturing are recycled
  • Flexible and resistant material that recovers its shape.
  • The color will be altered with the contact of Mauve Shampoo, which is used for hair dyeing therefore acts on the porosity of the material. Wait 2 washes with regular shampoo before wearing this jewelry.

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