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Grandes boucles d'oreilles rondes I HALO


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Grandes boucles d'oreilles rondes I HALO

C'est une véritable fusion artistique qui transcende les normes de la bijouterie. 

Conçu avec une précision inégalée grâce à l'impression 3D, HALO se compose d'un ensemble de cercles aux contours délicats. L'effet est tout simplement époustouflant : une danse de lumière et de couleur qui capture l'essence de la mode contemporaine.


Matériel : Nylon recyclé impression technologie SLS 3D

Longueur : 7 cm (2,75 po)

Attache: Crochet levier innox réduit les risques d'allergies.

Design et fabrication Québec- CANADA


Aussi disponible Petit Halo 2.5 cm

Combine originality, comfort and elegance with these ultralight earrings.

  • Ultra-lightweight nylon 12 earrings for optimal comfort of fragile lobes and sensitive ears
  • Surgical-grade stainless steel rod for hypoallergenic jewelry
  • Jewelry can go in water. Waterproof.
  • Made in Beloeil-Quebec, Canada, hand-dyed in an artisanal way with several colors available
  • Each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the photo
  • Manufacturing by 3D printing SLS technology for eco-responsible products
  • Eco-responsible process and material, because 100% of losses during manufacturing are recycled
  • Flexible and resistant material that recovers its shape.
  • The color will be altered with the contact of Mauve Shampoo, which is used for hair dyeing therefore acts on the porosity of the material. Wait 2 washes with regular shampoo before wearing this jewelry.

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